Band/Event Photography

Every event is different, with a different need and budget. Please email me so we can go over your event and how I work with you to capture it.

Concert photography, and band photography in the Minneapolis area is what I started with years ago. I've been in and out of most of the clubs downtown, Myth, Spin, The Lounge, Epic, First Ave, and Varsity Theater – just to name a few. My style for band photography is to use bold colors, high contrast, and motion to create images that go beyond a simple snapshot and make the viewer feel like they were at the show, or, make them feel like they missed a great event!

Parties and wedding reception photography is another thing I can do. Again I'm a little less traditional, but I'm not a cookie cutter wedding or event photographer either. I will approach your event like any other show, and apply my style and expertise to the images. You will get something creative, unique, and fun, rather than the same old, regular, and dull.